Composting for apartment-dwellers

P1070722Have you heard about hot dogs in the landfills?  Many people think that if we throw away biodegradable waste in the trash, it would rot there. Unfortunately, this is not true. There was a study that found still-recognizable 25-year-old hot dogs, corncobs, and grapes in one landfill.  Modern landfills are designed to prevent ground water pollution and are sealed from all sides.  As a result, there is very little oxygen that gets inside a landfill, and a lot of biodegradable waste just sits there for decades. Composting ourselves is one way to deal with biodegradable trash, but to do that one needs a yard.  As an apartment-dweller, I made peace with the fact that I could not compost.  Some entrepreneurs, however, realized that there were people like me who wished to compost but could not and now there are businesses offering compostable waste collection services! My local organic store accepts such waste for free.  Since all their bags are compostable (see picture), I collect biodegradable trash in these bags and dispose of them at the store every time I go shopping there.  This way my food scraps do not need to be preserved for eternity in a landfill.    


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